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Zephyr Weekly Sales Reports – October 10th, 2007

zinablackbox-smaller.jpg Below is Zephyr Real Estate’s sales data for the previous week. These are NOT properties that have closed, just listings on which a purchase agreement has been ratified and the property has gone into escrow.
It’s been a busy week, and I almost forgot to post this data today! But here it is, for your statistical pleasure. 🙂
Sales are up again a good chunk from last week… so for those Chicken Littles , nanny nanny boo boo! The San Francisco real estate market is still going strong and SF homes are still selling. Multiple offers are down from last week, and properties selling under asking price are up a little. But over all, things are still moving and properties are still selling.
And just a reminder, take these statistics with a grain of salt. Lots of things will affect these Zephyr sales statistics, including the fact that it’s JUST Zephyr sales, and frankly, not all of us can make every weekly meeting. Sometimes we have to be in a property inspection, or putting the final touches on an offer for our client. Sometimes, we might even just oversleep.
Here’s this week’s numbers, and check back next week to see how they change.

    23% of sales received multiple offers
    33% of sales sold under the asking price
    27% of sales sold at the asking price
    40% of sales sold over the asking price