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Zephyr Weekly Sales Reports – Cancelled

zinablackbox-smaller.jpg Below WAS Zephyr Real Estate’s sales data for the previous week. These WERE not properties that had closed, just listings on which a purchase agreement HAD been ratified and the property HAD gone into escrow. … but this feature is no longer in existence – thus the use of the past tense.
I’m discontinuing the Zephyr Weekly Sales Reports for a few reasons.
One, honestly, I can’t make it to every single sales meeting. Things come up… properties that need to be inspected, offers that need to be submitted, sleep that needs to be caught up on (I’m a night owl, and I tend to work late! Most of my clients will testify to the timestamps on the emails I send falling into the wee hours of the night!)
And two, other agents also don’t also make it to the sales meetings… so depending on who shows up, the numbers may be very skewed.
So… I’ll be starting a new weekly San Francisco Sales Report posted at the end of every week (that may fall anywhere between Friday night and Sunday night) with similar statistics about properties that have sold and closed. I’ll tell you how many properties sold, how many sold under asking, how many sold over asking, and at asking.
And don’t forget, if you can’t wait to get your fix of weekly sales data, sign up for sfnewsletter. It’s a fantastic weekly newsletter, with sold properties, new listings, and a unique take on the SF real estate market. You can even look at a sample before you sign up!