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You Know You Need a Break from SF Real Estate When…..


I’ve been working extra hard lately.  It seems like a whole lot is going on, all at once.  And honestly, I like the fast pace of the San Francisco real estate market.  In fact, the harder I work, the more I seem to enjoy my job!

But the past few weeks have been a little extra grueling, and with the rains, all I could think of was grabbing a pair of galoshes and going on a puddle hunt.

And then I saw the above pic from Uptown Almanac.  Looks like Dolores Park has a wading pool. 

The one problem???  I don’t have galoshes.  But at this point, I’m itching to play in a puddle so bad that the lack of foot protection might not stop me. 

So, if you see a strange lady romping in a giant puddle in the rain in the next few days, don’t be afraid to say “hi” and if you have an extra pair of galoshes in about a size 8.5 you care to let me borrow, feel free to send them my way – maybe we’ll go romping through San Francisco’s puddles together! 😉