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Why I (Heart) SF – A Heat Wave in November

thermometer-small.jpgWhat the hell is a heat wave doing in San Francisco in November? Well, maybe it’s not a heat wave per se, but it’s no doubt at least a warmth wave!
I mean, I vaguely remember playing in a kiddie pool back in “winter” of 1980 (and maybe there’s even a photo in the old family album, but I’m not about to post it publicly… even if I was an adorable kid!), but jeesh… I like the fact that fall weather here feels like fall weather… And that I don’t have to dig out “summer clothes” this time of year.
I mean , I’m a San Franciscan! (Which by the way means that I get to complain about the weather anytime it’s not a perfect 72 degrees with a hint of a breeze at the perfect moment.)
Really, I don’t even own summer clothes! So this unusually warm “fall” weather has me discombobulated. Do I bring a jacket or not? And what exactly is going on here? Is it global warming? Or is it just another of the whacky San Francisco weather system? (And we’re not breaking any records with the weather just yet… most forecasts show us at about 75 degrees today, but the November record was set at 86 degrees in 1966!!!) Based on my memories of the kiddie pool, I’m going to guess it’s just the whacky weather, but don’t be surprised if people blame global warming.
Anyhow… I hope you spent this weekend taking advantage of the weather. Whether it was at the beach, in the park, or in your backyard… Hope you enjoyed it! In fact, I’d love to hear about it. In fact, if you tell me about it, it’ll make my day, since as a dedicated San Francisco real estate agent, instead of enjoying this fantastic weather, I spent my weekend holding open my listing at 145 Gardenside #8 – a great condo with some awesome views just sitting around and waiting for the right person to come and snatch it up after our recent price reduction! At least I got to enjoy the view though!
And P.S., allegedly it’ll be raining by Friday according to the various weather forecasts so get your umbrellas ready! 🙂