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Who Wants Free Stuff?

Because I’m a San Francisco Realtor with a blog that’s somewhat easy to google, people find me on the internet pretty easily and because of this, they like to send me all sorts of invitations. 

Sometimes they want to sell me stuff.  I don’t really like those people, especially when they call my cell phone while I’m driving or eating or sleeping.  *hint* *hint*

Sometimes they want to invite me to cool places and events.  I like those people.  Sometimes I’m too busy to accept the invitation, but I like them none-the-less, and I’m usually happy to talk to them (though I prefer email in case I’m driving or eating or sleeping when they contact me.) *hint* *hint*

Sometimes they want to give me free stuff.  I LOVE those people!  And while email is the best way to contact me in case I’m driving or eating or sleeping, I’ll still take a phone call if need be!!!  *hint* *hint* *wink* *wink*

In this case, I’m the one that’s going to give away from free stuff!!!

I’ve got FREE tickets to two great events! 

You just have to be the first to CONTACT ME and tell me which event you’re hoping to attend! 

And just for your peace of mind, I just want to note that I will never do ANYTHING with your email address.  I will not sell, rent or raffle it and in fact, you’ll never hear from me after you get the tickets!  

San Francisco Zoo Night Tour Tickets!

zoo logo

Every year, the San Francisco Zoo invites its members to come celebrate an evening of exciting evening of animals, entertainment and fun for your entire family!
This year, I have four (4) tickets available for the 47th Annual Night Tour September 26 OR 27 from 6 to 8:30 p.m.   And whether you get tickets for the event from this blog, or you’re already a member, try to find me to say “HELLO!”  I’ll be volunteering at the event both nights.

Shopping the Musical Tickets!


Now in its third hit year, “Shopping! The Musical” is currently San Francisco’s longest running original musical. The award-winning revue features comedy songs about customers, stores,Victoria’s Secret, people who pay with all change and much, much more! They’ll give you a night of laughter, music,  and “Shopping!…without maxing out your credit card!

Ticket certificate is good for two (2) tickets to any future Friday 8 PM performance at the Shelton Theatre, 533 Sutter at Powell,  in SF’s Union Square.

So – if you like free stuff HUSTLE!  This offer’s only good while supplies last!