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Who Loves SF Architecture?

One of the many reasons that I love real estate so much is the amazing variety of architecture we have in the City. September in San Francisco is an entire month dedicated to the City’s architecture and design. You’ll find films, home tours, studio tours and much more. I know where almost half-way through the month, but I swear, there is still plenty left to enjoy!

Celebrating San Francisco’s unique built environment and design community, Architecture and the City is the first series of its kind in the Bay Area to feature architectural tours, film screenings, exhibitions, design lectures and more. Now in its fourth year, the month-long celebration engages members of the public, design enthusiasts and architects and designers with a deeper appreciation for San Francisco ‘s rich architectural and design community.

Whether you hope to become more involved with the local architecture and design community, are looking for an architect, or want to learn more about San Francisco’s impressive architectural past, present, or future, Architecture and the City is bound to offer you an unparalleled opportunity to experience our city in a new way. In honor of the annual series, Mayor Gavin Newsom has officially proclaimed the month of September a time for San Franciscans to celebrate “Architecture and the City.”

Visit American Institute of Architects San Francisco Chapter for more information!