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Where to get your San Francisco (Ice) Skate On!

It’s that time again!  OK, so it’s ALMOST that time again.  The holidays are around the corner.  It’s time for traditions like turkey, ham, festive family dinners, eggnog, cioppino (which is mostly a San Francisco tradition thanks to our fabulous and world famous crab!) and of course, ICE SKATING!!!
I’m not much of an ice skater, though I’d like to think I am.  I can go forward.  I can go backward.  I can turn, and occasionally, I can even stop.  Oh, and I fall really really well. 😉
It looks like this year, the San Francisco Zoo is not hosting another outdoor ice rink (please correct me if I’m wrong) but there will be one at the Embarcadero Center and the Safeway sponsored rink in Union Square.  And of course, if the weather isn’t cooperative, well, then you can always trot down to the Yerba Buena Center.
If only they could bring back the old Ice Skating rink in the Outer Sunset, the rink they had at Sutro Baths or even the rink they used to have on the roof of the old Emporium building – now THAT would really make my holiday season something special.
But for now – I’ll just hope to make it down to one of the rinks above and get my skate on before they take the man-made ice away.
Here’s to the beginning of a happy holiday season!  🙂
Oh – and if anyone has photos of the old ice rinks I mentioned that they’d like to share, send them on over! I’d love to share them with other readers!