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What's Happening in San Francisco's Real Estate Trenches?

real Estate trenches
I was going to try to PhotoShop a bunch of Realtor’s faces on the photo above, but frankly, I have no PhotoShop skills whatsoever.  I have all sorts of other talents, but PhotoShop isn’t one of them.
Real estate in San Francisco usually has sort of a rhythmic pattern.  In fact, it’s somewhat seasonal.  The beginning of the year, the beginning of summer and around Labor Day when the kiddies go back to school are typically the “busy” selling seasons when sales volume increases – and then things slow down around the Holidays, which means that typically, by the beginning of November, stagers, Realtors and transaction coordinators are all starting to take a little bit of a breather.
But this year seems to be different.  While buyers are normally taking a break, it looks like this year’s perfect storm of softened prices and lower interest rates have bought up a good portion the currently available inventory and are looking for MORE!
Absorption Rate
The current charts shows that the available Month’s Supply of Inventory is just 2.3 months, which indicates a strong seller’s market.  And with sellers typically holding back inventory during the holiday months of November and December, now just might be a good time to throw your home on the market if you’ve been considering selling.
In fact, just today, I’ve received 3 different emails from three different agents that are looking for homes for their buyers.  In fact, one such quote from an email was:

I have clients in search of a single family home in District 5.  They’re extremely well-qualified financially and have been looking for quite some time but to no avail.
Their price range  is $1.4m – 1.7m  but as you all know, it’s proving difficult to find a property of that type.

So, sellers, while typically, we’d be advising you to sit tight for the holiday season, it looks like this year, Santa and his reindeer just might be bringing you some buyers for your home.
If you’ve been thinking about selling your home but aren’t sure if now if the right time for YOU, shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at 415-307-1392 and I’ll provide you with a free analysis to help you determine if now might be the time for you to profit from the fact that there are lots of hungry buyers out there with very little good inventory to go around.