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We're Number 1!

Ok.  So sometimes we’re number 2.  But hell, according to Curbed SF, Forbes Magazine has rated San Francisco as:

  • one of the best places to buy a home
  • one of the best places to sell a home
  • one of the best cities EVER (at least for young professionals)

Um… like… no duh!  The City is awesome. 
You can’t go wrong buying a home in SF.  As a long term investment, it’s always proved to be solid.  AND it’s just a great place to live.  (Don’t expect to turn around and sell it in a year or two and make a ton of cash.  I did say “long term investment.”)
You can’t go wrong selling a home in SF IF you bought it as a long term investment.  (If you bought in the last two years, try to hold on to it a little longer before selling.  You may very well lose money after factoring in selling costs.)
And if you’re a young professional, “long-term job opportunities, plenty of singles and impressive starting salaries” are just a few othe reasons that makes Forbes fall in love with SF.
Will Forbes’ love affair with the City by the Bay ever end?  How could it.  Even they left their heart here.
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