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Weekend SF Real Estate Blog Linkage

All the time, I run across fun and fascinating articles on the internet and blogosphere that catch my eye and would be a great read for you, my loyal readers. Some are San Francisco Real Esate related, some are San Francisco related, and some aren’t related to a damn thing, but I find them interesting.
But frankly, I don’t have the time to blog about all of them.
So – what to do?
Bring you a weekly collection of the internet’s greatest hits, so to speak. Expect these to pop up sometime during the weekend – as my time permits.

Run Away From Your Mortgage – The Bank Can’t Catch You! [Sellsius Real Estate Blog]
One Stop Shop for San Francisco Green Design [Apartment Therapy]
Tiny Landscapes at the SF Conservatory of Flowers [Frisco Vista]
The SEVEN foot WIDE “Spite” House [NY Times]
Dog/Goat Love? [SF Weekly: The Snitch]
Proposed San Francisco Night Club Reform Gives Smokers a Break [SFist]