San Francisco Weekend in Progress

Like the paint job on this building, this SF weekend is in progress!
I’ve already managed to do some property showings this weekend, and there will be mre to come this afternoon.
Tomorrow, a day usually reserved for open houses (did you really think I was going to say “rest?”) I’ll be working on compiling some property evaluations – seems with the real estate market picking up in SF, more people are thinking about selling.
But I’ve also miraculously managed to reserve a little time this weekend for a bit of fun. I’ll be going to an informal reunion with the kids I spent most of my childhood years. I went to St. Thomas Apostle out in the Richmond District, and the 8th grade class of 1991 will be getting together to catch up on almost 2 decades of lost time. It should be fun!
And then, once I’m done juggling work, and squeezing in a little fun, I’ll catch up on some blog posts. I’ll give you some San Francisco real estate data, post some real estate stories from the trenches, catch you up on my trip to Design Above All at One Rincon and more.
Oh, and you’ll also get a post explaining why I’ve been working so much, and why you’ll be seeing more random blog posts like this one that just give you a glimpse into the daily life of a Realtor, including what I see and what I do.
Have a great weekend! Hope it’s progressing beautifully so far!

Posted by ShoZu