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Weekend Blog Linkage

Here’s the weekly collection of the internet’s greatest hits (so to speak) from the past week. Some have something to do with San Francisco Real Estate, and some don’t even come close to being SF Real Estate related. Expect these to pop up sometime during the weekend – as my time permits. Enjoy!

A Tribute to the Late Great Herb Caen – and to Our City, San Francisco [WHAT IM SEEING dot com]
Sunset Through the Eyes of a Crappy Camera Phone [San Francisco Mobile Photo Blog]
Best SF Neighborhoods for Dogs (and Their Loving Guardians) [San Francisco Sweet Digs]
Sunset District’s Painted Ladies [Curbed SF]
Room for New Retail Opportunities (and Cupcakes) in SF [Curbed SF]
The Pit Bull vs. The Landlord – Love Wins [Bad Rap Blog]
Paved Over “Front Yards” Might Be a Thing of the Past [SocketSite]