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Weekend Blog Linkage

Here’s the weekly collection of the internet’s greatest hits (so to speak) from the past week. Some have something to do with San Francisco Real Estate, and some don’t even come close to being SF Real Estate related. Expect these to pop up sometime during the weekend – as my time permits. Enjoy!
Turning Your Walls Green (And I Don’t Mean Paint [Apartment Therapy]
102 Years Since the 1906 Quake [SF Gate]
Gavin Sides with Pot Clubs Medical Marijuana Dispensaries [Curbed SF]
San Francisco has 4th Worth Commute in the Nation [Realtor Magazine]
It’s Not Just My Imagination – It IS Windier in San Francisco! [SF Weekly] 
How a Garage in SF Can Keep You Out Jail [Redfin Sweet Digs]
Gas Prices in SF Keep Climbing [SF Gate]