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Walk This Way


You probably don’t actually need me to tell you this, but I think it deserves repeating. 

San Francisco is the most walkable city in the U.S.! has rated SF as THE most walkable City. 

According to SF Gate:

San Francisco scored an 86 out of 100, besting New York’s 83 and Boston’s 79. Seventeen of San Francisco’s neighborhoods ranked 90 or above – considered a “walker’s paradise” – including Chinatown, the Mission, Nob Hill and Haight-Ashbury.

Even my house out in the Outer Sunset (which many people consider to be the edge of nowhere) scores an 86. 

Well, what the hell does this have to do with San Francisco Real Estate?

Well, people LIKE being within walking distance of amenities.  In fact, people are willing to pay more money to be within walking distance of amenities.  In fact, the SF Gate article predicts that WalkScores will now become an integral part of real estate listings.  In fact, I’ve already started using it in some of my listings

Check out the City’s WalkScore by neighborhood, and see how your home compares!  

Oh and SF Gate lists the most and least walkable hoods in SF.


Top 5

Chinatown: 99

Financial District: 99

Downtown: 98

North Beach: 98

Mission District: 96*


Bottom 5

Lakeshore: 66

Visitacion Valley: 70

Twin Peaks: 70

Crocker-Amazon: 70

Outer Sunset: 72*

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