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Tour All 86 San Francisco Neighborhoods – From Your Computer

I’ve been meaning to begin my own little tiny weekly post devoted to telling my loyal readers about all of the little neighborhoods that exist in San Francisco. There are 86 of them according to the San Francisco Association of REALTORS® (they’ve been kind enough to carve up our City into tiny little chunks for us and then we, REALTORS®, further carve up the City and add fun little names to neighborhoods like “Tender-Nob” or “Baja Noe Valley”.)
But as the weeks have gone by, I’ve found myself to be too busy to get out there and take photos of all 86 nooks and crannies that SF has to offer. Not to mention the witty descriptions I’d have to post alongside the photos, or the in-depth statistics that I’d have to compile and post. My clients come first! 🙂 My blog comes second! And so I’ve procratinated just long enough for someone else to take on this enormous task, and frankly, to do it better than I would have!
sfnewsletter’s Tour de San Francisco (real estate) (from the creators of has managed to make it through almost half of San Francisco’s little neighborhoods, with an in-depth post on each neighborhood (almost) every Friday.
For San Francisco property buyers, this little web site I stumbled upon is an absolute jewel! Even San Francisco property sellers should enjoy the interesting little tidbits they learn about their own neighborhoods, including photos of properties that have the typical “look” of the neighborhood, and statistics about the real estate market in that neighborhood.
A giant “high-five” to sfnewsletter’s Tour de San Francisco (real estate)!
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