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This San Francisco REALTOR has Gone Fishing

gone-fishing.jpgSo, I’ve decided to run away from San Francisco Real Estate and from the City for a little R&R. Even a San Francisco REALTOR that loves her job as much as I do needs a little down time. So I’ve headed up to Lake County for some fishing, kayaking and general relaxation. I’ll be spending mornings kayaking or fishing off of the pier, evenings watching the sun set over Clear Lake, nights snuggling with my dogs in from of the wood burning stove and the entire week feeding the 30 or so ducks that have gathered on the private beach in front the house we’re renting during our stay here.
I’ll be back in town on the 18th of December, and will resume my usual posts inclcuding the “Over, Under, At” feature. I’ll also continue my series for Buying a Home in San Francisco and Selling a Home in San Francisco.
When I come back, I’ll be ready to jump back into the San Francisco real estate market, so if you need help buying or selling property in the new year, know that I’ll be relaxed, refreshed and ready to work my butt off!