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The San Francisco REALTOR® That Kicks Ass!

knifedefense.jpgThere’s worse things that can happen to a real estate agent than a little mortgage upheaval. You might not think of it, but as a REALTOR®, I put myself at risk quite often. We are often put into contact with strangers, and most of us work alone. Recently, I have been reading about all kinds of scary things that happen to us, REALTORS®. A short while ago in Alameda County, an agent was raped while showing a home. Over the years, I have heard of several horror stories. In fact, between 1982 and 2000, more than 200 U.S. real estate agents were killed on the job. Untold other agents were raped or mugged.
I’m not the kind of person that sits around waiting to be a victim, but it’s not like I can legally exactly carry a concealed weapon with me when I show properties in case bad guys show up. So I figured I’d turn my hands and feet into a weapon instead! HA YA! (That was the sound of my karate kick, or more specifically, my Krav Maga groin kick!) I’m also not the kind of person that does well with discipline, so I never had the inclination to take a martial arts class… (don’t tell me you don’t remember the things Mr. Miagi put Daniel through… wax on, wax off anyone?)
And then I found Krav Maga San Francisco! No waxing cars, painting fences, catching flies with chopsticks, etc. (Please refer back to the things Mr. Miagi put Daniel through if you still don’t know what the hell I’m talking about). Just a lot punching, kicking, sweating… and a little choking too! At Krav Maga San Francisco, in one hour, I learned how to hammer punch, kick for the groin (with the aim being breaking the pelvis), kick in the stomach (with the aim being puncturing the bladder), to put my knee in someone’s groin (I’m noticing a pattern here…), and to break free if someone is choking me (while attacking them at the same time). The classes are fun, it’s a great workout, AND I am actually learning something useful – how to protect myself in the event that someone wants to do harm to me. And in a few weeks, I’ll spend my weekend at their Gun Defense Seminar… where I will learn how to fight off an attacker with a gun. So bad guys, be warned… soon, I’m going to be the San Francisco REALTOR® that kicks sss!