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The San Francisco MLS Goes GREEN!

Green Grass

I just logged into the SF MLS to look at some new properties for sale and saw this cool notice:

SFAR MLS is excited to announce the addition of “Green Features” to our property descriptions. You will now find the following amenities in the Single Family Home, Condo/Coop/TIC/Loft and 2-4 Units property types:

1) Bamboo Floors
2) Cork Floors
3) Recycled Carpet
4) Natural Fiber Carpet
5) Energy Star Appliance(s)
6) Dual Flush Toilet

Stay tuned for more Green Features as Rapattoni builds the platform.

How awesome is that?  Granted, there are a ridiculous amount of green features that are missing from this list including some obvious ones such as low VOC-free paints and carpets,  concrete or recycled glass counters, concrete floors.  And, not all “green” products are created equal – for instance, even bamboo should be FSC Certified to make sure it’s sustainably harvested since some bamboo farmers clear-cut other forests to grow the profitable product. 

But even though there is room for improvement, being able to search a home’s green features is a step in the right direction and goes to show that people DO care about the environment enough to go out of their way to do something about it.