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The Newest (and possibly best) San Francisco Photo Club

I’ve been a huge fan of local blogger and photographer Plug1 of the photo blog WhatI’
You can imagine my nervousness when I read the tweet that WhatI’ was expiring soon. 
Who was going to bring me local photos that have progressively gotten better and better over the last few years?  Who was going to chase girafas around the City?  Who was going to wax poetic in a way that was reminiscent of the late great Herb Caen?
Well – my fears were quelled with the the announcement that Plug1, now officially Troy Holden, was joining a few other amazing local photographers in a collaborative photo club of sorts, Caliber.
So far, the few photos that are up are amazing – and I am not only put at ease, but pretty damn stoked to see the images to come.  Hopefully Troy Holden waxes as poetic as he did when he was Plug1.
From their first welcome post:

Hello, and welcome to Caliber: a group of four San Francisco/Bay Area photographers: Brad Evans, Stuart Dixon, Julie Michelle, and Troy Holden.
Our subject matter will focus on The City and its surrounding cities, with the occasional trek across state and international borders.
We hope you’ll take a look around and like what you are seeing. We’ve back-filled a couple of pages of images curated from our personal favorites, along with a little bit of insight behind each shot.
Make sure to check back daily, bookmark and/or RSS us — we will be updating this site more often than not.

If you’re like me and love San Francisco photography, San Francisco moments from the past and present captured in time and San Francisco in general, I’m sure you’ll enjoy Caliber as much as I’m sure I will.
Good luck on the project guys!  I’ll be watching! :razz: