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The Easiest Way to Buy a Car in San Francisco

The Smartest Way to Buy a Car
My lease was almost up on my old SUV, so I went out on a hunt to find a new car.   Not to toot my own horn, but I’m a damn good negotiator (I would make a crappy real estate agent if I wasn’t.)  So I rolled up my sleeves and started doing research. 
I was over the whole SUV thing.  So I started looking for small sporty sedans.  I narrowed my search down to a few makes and then the whole thing started to get very overwhelming. 
I vaguely remembered getting a recommendation for a company called Cartelligent.  They do all the shopping for you, for a price.  But, they DO give you a best price guarantee – meaning if they can’t can’t you the car you want at the best price, you get the fee you paid them refunded to you.
So, I put them to the test.  I called the company and was put through to Barbara vong,  a senior account executive, who told me how the service worked, and after getting my credit card info and list of “must haves” for my new car, she sent me a list of cars that met my criteria.
Long story short, I put the Cartelligent guarantee to the test by trying to negotiate directly with the dealership – and after much due diligence on my part, I realized that the Cartelligent folks really did have the best deal AND skipped all the sales mumbo jumbo.   In short, Barbara treated me the way I want to be treated (the same thing I do for MY clients!)
I signed all the paperwork to get my shiny new car, which was actually shipped to me from Southern California.  it arrived earlier than expected and I drove to Sausalito to go pick it up.  I got a full tour of my car’s options, signed a few papers and was DONE! 
I should have saved myself a world of hassle and skipped any talks with the dealership at all.  Next time, I’m going straight to Barbara to get my car. 
If you’re not into stress, pain and a world of headaches (hey, some people are – I’m not one to judge ), give Barbara a call next time you’re in the market for a new vehicle.  She handles leases, purchases and might even be able to search used car inventory.  The service is relatively inexpensive and in the end, saves you time, stress AND money.
Barbara can be reached at 415-339-4574 or by email.