The Coding Robots Rock

I’m still struggling to get my new computer set up.  All sorts of stuff has been crashing on me, software that I need to write offers won’t load, files I had saved have disappeared, other programs have decided that they don’t like the Windows Vista platform without tech assistance, so that means that for at least another few days, I can’t crank out any SF real estate blog posts. 

But, one little bit of goodness that has come out of this whole thing is a little bit of good customer service from the Coding Robots

Who are they?  Well, they’re the folks that created Blogjet, the blog client I use for this here fabulous San Francisco real estate blog. 

Why do they rock?  Well – Blogjet isn’t free.  It isn’t expensive or anything, but still, when my old computer crashed, I lost the license code to most of my software.  And most (well, so far all) companies have made me purchase the software all over again to get a new code, but not the Coding Robots.  They verified that it was really me, and went ahead and sent my my old license key, thus saving me a few bucks and creating some good vibes in the process. 

They also seem to have some other cool software, so don’t hesitate to check them out. 

Thanks Coding Robots!