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The Big Bad Real Estate Agent – And How To Avoid Being a Victim

Ok, so the title is a little “tongue in cheek”, so to speak.  But when I ran across this video the other day on, I just KNEW I had to share it with my readers. 
It appears that the folks that produced this video have had a bad experience or two with us REALTOR folks.  I’m sure somewhere, there are agents practicing unethical behavior (OK, maybe I’ve even met a few in my day), but it makes it sound like we’re all crooks. 
For the record, we’re not all like the big bad wolf waiting to huff and puff and blow your house down just to make a commission.  Some of us are actually honest, hardworking, and (gasp) care about our clients!!!
I know, I know, that sounds crazy. 
But some of us provide access to recent sales data (via our newsletter since the MLS won’t allow us to do it any other way), access to market reports, more access to market reports, complete access to the MLS and much much more.  Why?  Because we feel that consumers have a right to transparency in our industry.  We’re honest.  We believe in earning an honest living.  We believe in treating our clients fairly.  Why do we believe in all of these things???  Because we realize that the road to a successful real estate transaction is built on a foundation of trust between the client and agent.  And we realize that the road to a successful real estate career is built on a foundation of many happy clients – clients that trust us with the biggest transaction of their lives and trust us enough recommend us to people they trust.  Successful agents know that *trust* is the key to their success and they couldn’t gain their clients trust by acting unethically. 
As for the video – I had a good laugh when I watched it.  Some of the things suggested are unethical, some are illegal and others – just silly.  If I (or most of the good agents I know) acted in the manner portrayed in the video, not only would I not be getting referral business from my past (very happy and satisfied) clients, but I likely would have lost my REALTOR license due to unethical behavior and would probably be sitting in jail right now. 
Anyhow – hope you have a good laugh when you watch the video, and if you don’t and some of the stuff you see actually rings true, you’ve been working with the wrong agent!!!  Run now while you still can!!!