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Taking a Break from Blogging

It’s been a crazy few weeks. There’s a lot of buyers that are out there and starting to get into the market, and there’s a lot of sellers out there trying to prepare for the busy selling season. Meetings with new buyers and sellers and doing my “regular” work has kept me away from this little San Francisco real estate blog the last week and a half – and in order to keep putting my clients first, I’ll have to put the blog to the side for just a few more days…
But please check back early next week when I’ll try to be back in full swing again with regular daily postings full of statistics and buyer and seller tips and market updates and historical photos… and… well, you get the picture.
In the meantime – stop by my crappy mobile photo blog (crappy because my phone takes really crappy photos) if you find that you REALLY miss me. 🙂
See you soon!