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Take the Stress out of Moving Day – How to Move Without the Drama

Whether you’re moving into or out of San Francisco, or Timbuktu, moving can add a few more gray hairs to anyone’s head. I was looking at the Gilbert Guide after a reader from the company posted a comment on my blog, and ran across a great post that can help even the biggest stress cases maintain a sense of sanity during a move.

On the lists of stress-inducing events, moving is usually one of the highest, with move day being the climax. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are two categories of needs that occur during move day. The first encompasses transactional needs, the types of activities that you find on checklists. The second category comprises emotional need. Finding solutions for emotional needs is often more complex. By planning and anticipating both types of needs, you can reduce stress on move day and create a smooth, positive experience.

What’s the secret to planning and implementing stress-free moves? Start with the big picture; everything else is small stuff.

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