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Spy on Your Solar Powered Neighbors in San Francisco

solar-power.jpg OK… so you can’t exactly spy on your solar powered neighbors, but you CAN see just how much they could be saving in electricity bills, and how much smaller they can make their carbon footprint by going solar. I caught this post on where they say that “this neat little interactive tool offers a few minutes of fun by identifying locations across the city where homeowners installed solar, as well as a few interesting facts on solar in the city of San Francisco.”
It also lets your plug in your address (or your neighbor’s) to see how solar power might affect you. For me, in the fog-laden Outer Sunset, I’d save between $209-417 a year in electricity and would reduce my carbon consumption by a whopping 1361.45 – 2722.9 lbs per year, but according to the estimate, this would be identical to the savings that a home in sunny Potrero Hill would receive. My guess is that the estimate has to be a little off, but the site is pretty damn cool none the less.
See how many solar powered homes there are in the City, or see how much you could save by going solar at the SF Solar Map.