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Spend Less Green to Go More Green in San Francisco


Green Grass

Good news my earth loving, tree hugging, composting, recycling, reusing San Franciscans! 
From the San Francisco Association of Realtors:

San Francisco Homeowners Have New Way to Pay for Going Green
San Francisco homeowners have a new way of paying for solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and low-flow toilets.
A new city-run program, GreenFinanceSF, will give San Franciscans the money to pay for such projects up front and let them pay it back through installments on their property tax bills. Berkeley pioneered the idea in 2007, and since then, hundreds of cities, counties and states have adopted their own versions.
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That’s great news for you, your pocket, your carbon footprint, global warming and all that.  If you’ve been thinking of making some environmentally friendly upgrades to your home, you may have just run out of excuses. 😀