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Something New In the Avenues

And I’m not talking about Real Estate!

The Avenues Blog

In addition to working with a handful of active buyers and helping several sellers get their homes ready to go on the market in the next couple of months, I’ve been working on a few new projects over the last several weeks.  One of these projects is The Avenues Blog. 

Why The Avenues Blog?

Well – I live of out here in the Outer Sunset in one of the most beautiful places in San Francisco (overlooking the Pacific Ocean!) and while a HUGE part of the City is taken up by the Sunset, Parkside and Richmond districts, it often seems like the Western side of the City is overlooked by the majority of the City’s residents.  So … I decided to do something about it, and to blog about the side of the City that I’ve called home since I was 2 years old.

Don’t forget, I help home buyers and sellers ALL over San Francisco, but I have a soft spot for the foggy hoods a lot of people forget exist. 

So swing by The Avenues Blog.   I plan on posting there a couple of times a week – but if readers like you start providing me with input, ideas, suggestions and photos, you might see even more frequent postings.  I hope to get feedback from y’all along the way to make The Avenues Blog as awesome as possible. 

So please, add The Avenues Blog to your blog readeres or save it as a favorite – and don’t forget to tell a friend!  :-)