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SFUSD Seeks Family Feedback in Ambitious Redesign of School Assignment Process

San Francisco happens to be one of the few cities where school districts don’t have a direct impact on real estate prices, mostly because the way that school assignment process works for SF kids is not like it’s done in most places, but what do you expect from a City that just isn’t like most cities! 😉
A lot of people aren’t happy with the way the system works, and this time, the San Francisco Unified School District is actually planning on listening to parents whose children are affected by the process.  So, check out the details below, provided by San Francisco’s one and only Zephyr Real Esate. 🙂

San Francisco parents have long been frustrated by the daunting student assignment process currently in place in the San Francisco Unified School District. In fact, dissatisfaction with our schools is often cited as a cause for
the noticeable outflux of young families from our city.
After many years of hard work, the SFUSD is preparing to move forward with a revamped and hopefully much improved student assignment process.
To get the new plan launched by spring, and in order to ensure that the new process is as effective and beneficial as possible, the SFUSD is reaching out to local families for
If you are an SFUSD family, please consider attending one of the following town hall meetings:
• December 2, 6pm to 8pm, Washington High 600-32nd Ave
• December 15, 6pm to 8pm, Dianne Feinstein 2550 25th Ave
• January 7th, 6pm to 8pm Drew Elementary 50 Pomona St
• January 14th 6pm to 8pm, Francisco Middle 2190 Powell St
If you can’t make it to a meeting, visit to take a survey and share your thoughts on the process.
And finally, the SFUSD Parent Advisory Council and Parents for Public Schools of San Francisco will organize a series of “Community Conversations” to keep busy parents in the loop.