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SF Snapshots: San Francisco Living

San Francisco from the tower by | El Caganer.

San Francisco from the tower , originally uploaded on by | El Caganer

It feels like summer.  I’ve been wearing sandals all week and having a helluva a time staying focused on work.  I’m the first to admit that really, we need some rain – but I still can’t help but enjoy wearing a t-shirt in January.    

As for this weekend, I’ll be working.  I’m meeting a couple of buyer clients to check out a few of the good values on the market, and Sunday, I’ll be hosting an open house at 469 Clipper from 2–4pm.  Saying this place is a fixer is an understatement  Oh, and according to the MLS, it sold for $1,020,000 in July of 2008, but today, you can get it at the bargain basement price of $939,000 or $81,000 LESS than the seller paid for it.  But their loss is your gain, or someone’s gain.  

But just because I’ll be working, doesn’t mean YOU can’t go out and have a good time

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Happy Friday!