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SF Snapshots: San Francisco Living

Prop 8 Protests: San Francisco, CA, November 15, 2008 by Pargon.

Prop 8 Protests: San Francisco, CA, November 15, 2008, originally uploaded on by Pargon

If you’re a regular reader, I’ve been gone for a little while.  Even though I love writing this blog, I needed a little break to find my mojo again.  And so during the time away from blogging I’ve been working extra hard.  Accepting offers, rejecting offers, writing offers (getting them both rejected and accepted) and more.  Of course, along with working extra hard, I’ve also been playing extra hard and found myself taking a few small vacations as well as a bigger and longer jaunt across the pond to Germany and Israel.  I went kayaking.  I went scuba diving in the Red Sea.  I rode a camel in the Negev and Sinai Deserts.  I shopped.  I relaxed.  I explored.  And most of all, I enjoyed coming hom to the City that I call “home!”

And now that I’m done playing, I’ll be focusing again on providing you loyal readers (and those of you that have just happened to stop by) with interesting and informative information.  And occasionally, a little fun as well. 

Don’t forget to check back again soon for more posts about San Francisco Real Estate.  And don’t forget to check back next week for another awesome San Francisco photo.

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Happy Friday!  See you soon!