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SF Snapshots: San Francisco Living

Wet Dogs by you.

Wet Dogs, originally uploaded on by LubaSF  

It’s Photo Friday again here on Luba’s San Francisco Real Estate Blog! 

The week has been crazy because it seems that the San Francisco real estate market is picking up steam!  But somewhere between writing offers and preparing listings for the market, I managed to stop by the beach and catch a glimpse of the Doggie Diner heads.  Unfortunately, they were there as part of the memorial service for the artist Tom Kennedy that recently drowned at Ocean Beach.  He was extremely talented and I know he’ll be missed. 

Don’t forget to check back next week for another glimpse of San Francisco as seen through the eyes of Flickr’s photogs.

And if you’d like to throw your photos into the pool of candidates for my SF Photo Friday collection, tag your SF Photos from Flickr with LubaSF.

Happy Friday!