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SF Snapshots: San Francisco Living

Palace Hotel Carriage Entrance.gifPalace Hotel Carriage Entrance.gifCarriage Entrance of the Palace  Hotel by Taber

Carriage Entrance of the Palace Hotel, originally uploaded on by Bennet Hall

It’s Photo Friday again here on Luba’s San Francisco Real Estate Blog! 

This photo is sort of a early-days shot of valet service.  According to SF Images “the Carriage Entrance of the Palace Hotel was used for grand entrances upon its opening in 1876. The area was renovated to become a restaurant due to guests’ complaints over the smell of manure.”

I’ve had bad valet service before, but never did the valets smell like manure.

This week’s photo was brought to you by Bennet Hall but if you love the image, or a variety of other historical SF Images, you can get them yourself, in a variety of sizes, to hang on your very own wall.   

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Happy Friday!