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SF Snapshots: San Francisco Living

Space Invaders! by you.

Space Invaders, originally uploaded on by LubaSF 

It’s Photo Friday again here on Luba’s San Francisco Real Estate Blog! 

I spent two weeks on a pseudo-vacation in Lake County, CA.  The photo above, though, has nothing to do it – it just makes me smile.    (Check out to see a few of the silly photos I shot with my cameraphone while I WAS on vacation.)  I say “pseudo-vacation” because I still worked just about every day, including driving back to the City for a day to take care of a client in the midst of a real estate transaction.  It was inspection day, and I HATE to miss inspection day!  Yes, I am that dedicated. 

This weekend, I’ll be being just as dedicated.  As usual, I’ll be working.  Though, there’s a good chance I’ll be spending a night out on the town with some girldfriends on Saturday night.  If you happen to see us out and about in the City, don’t be afraid to say “hi.”  

Don’t forget to check back next week for another glimpse of San Francisco as seen through the eyes of Flickr’s photogs.

And if you’d like to throw your photos into the pool of candidates for my SF Photo Friday collection, tag your SF Photos from Flickr with LubaSF.

Happy Friday!