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SF Real Estate Blog Reader Asks: What's The Latest on Chris Daly vs. TIC's?

Occasionally I get a question from a reader of the blog that’s worthy of sharing with the world – I thought this one was worth sharing. Hope you think so too…
Oh – and if you have questions you’d like answered, email me – I know stuff.
A reader recently wrote in to ask:
Q.  Hi Luba.  I just read your June 18 blog regarding Daly’s proposed ordinance that would place two-unit TICs in the condo lottery and was wondering if you’ve heard any additional news about this.  Thank you.
A.  I’ve heard mixed answers and am not sure about the truth of any of them.
I recently heard that Daly is trying to put this legislation on the November 2008 ballot – but he needs the votes of three other supervisors to succeed.
But I also read a post from “anon8mizer” on The Front Steps Comments (and lots of Zephyr Realtor emails that confirmed the scoop) that the legislation is not moving forward, period.  At least not now.
I’d like to believe the latter, but am prepared to deal with the former until I can get my hands on something more official.