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SF Natural Hazards Maps

I’m always getting asked about natural hazards. 

In case you don’t already know – San Francisco is kinda known as prime earthquake country.  But where you live has an impact on how an earthquake might affect you (and how much shaking your home will do.)

So I thought I’d throw a few maps up here for readers that are curious about the location of natural hazards in San Francisco.

Click on the map for a bigger view, and to be taken to the source of the map.

San Francisco Liquefaction Map
San Francisco Liquefaction Map

San Francisco Natural Hazards Map

San Francisco Natural Hazards Map

My personal favorite, which is sort of a hazard because building a house on water is never a good idea, is a map of all of the creeks, marshes and landfill throughout historical San Francisco. This map is from the 1890’s. As with the others, click to see the map full size, and to see the source.

San Francisco Historical Creek Map

San Francisco Historical Underground Water Location

And finally – if you’re curious about the last little rumble you felt – check out this map which will show you the size and magnitude of the most recent earthquake.

San Francisco Recent Earthquakes

Special Map