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San Francisco's Ocean Beach – 107 Years Ago! (Plus Info on a Beach Clean-up!)

Cliff House & Ocean Beach Panorama, 1903 from Richmond SF Blog on Vimeo.
I’ve got my FOURTH cold of the year.  Yeah.  I’m thinking of buying stock in Nyquil. 
But in between blowing my nose and wiping the water pouring from my eyes, the one thing that is keeping me sane is being able to work from home while I watch the ocean from my window (which you can coincidentally do too if you buy my listings at 2458-2460 Great Highway – and as a bonus, you’ll be my neighbor! 😉 )
I also happened to find some cool videofootage from the Richmond SF Blog of Ocean Beach back in the days when appropriate beach apparel was a 3 piece suite instead of a wetsuit. 
Since I love San Francisco history, and I LOVE Ocean Beach, I thought I’d share the video here. 🙂
And a fat “high-five” the Richmond SF Blog folks for finding this awesome footage!  Keep it coming!!!
Oh, and coincidentally, there’s a clean-up scheduled at Ocean Beach on January 31st at 9am.  From the invite:

Starting at Lincoln Blvd. and moving south, we will pick up the trash that has been deposited by the recent large storm swells on the beach. There is ALOT of very small plastic and styrofoam that is VERY hazardous to the environment and animal life on la playa. Please join us; bags and gloves will be provided.