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San Francisco's AlertSF: Emergencies in your Inbox

I’ve talked about AlertSF before. It’s a text based emergency notification service that sends emergency updates for San Francisco.
You can set it up to send text message updates just for the zip codes you care about (like where you live or work or where your kids go to school) or if you’re like me and travel between zip codes in the blink of an eye, you can subscribe to all San Francisco emergency alerts. (AlertSF can also email you if that’s your preference.)
Best part – text messaging works when nothing else does. During Hurricane Katrina, while other methods of communication failed, texting didn’t.
Registration is free. Go to to set up your account today.
Oh, and if you’re reading this San Francisco Real Estate blog, you can scroll down and see the latest SF emergency alerts on the bottom right hand side.
Stay safe, San Francisco!

Posted by ShoZu