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San Francisco Stylephile – Your Guide to Living in Style in SF

San Francisco Stylephile

San Francisco Stylephile

So I have a friend.  Her identity is a secret.  But her blog is not.  It’s the San Francisco Stylephile Blog.
Things I like about the blog (and the super secret author):

  • She’s a San Franciscan
  • She has her own style (as in San Franciscan)
  • She believes in vintage shopping which is a much more “reduce, reuse, recycle” friendly approach
  • She loves handmade items
  • She tells you where she finds her fabulous fashion gems
  • Many of the photos involve gorgeous scenes of San Francisco
  • Many of the photos involve gorgeous real estate in San Francisco
  • And many of the photos involve gorgeous scenes of shoes
  • OH, and other vendors and bloggers and crafty people from all over the place like to give free things to her readers.

Now, that I’ve got your attention, go check out her blog and add it to your feedreader so you can follow her fashion escapades at your leisure.  Visit: