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San Francisco Realtor Missing in Action

OK folks, I have to apologize for being gone so long without even the slightest explanation. 

At the begining of June, I had a hernia repair surgery (I actually had hernias in a few places.) 

Needless to say, I needed a few days to recover, but honestly, it took me WAY longer than I expected.  

And, in addition to just getting my strength back, I ended up with superficial thrombophlebitis of my right arm (which is basically a giant swollen hardened painful vein.) 

So, in a nutshell, this here San Francisco real estate blog and The City Update(TM) – SF’s Friendliest Real Estate Newsletter were put on hiatus. 

I still worked, but kept it light and made many more phone calls and sent many fewer emails, and unfortunately, put both the blog and the SF newsletter on hold. 

The nice thing?  Many of you actually missed me!  I got several emails asking if everything was ok!  And that folks, reminded me why I do this.

It’s not just about SF real estate, it’s about the relationships I build with my readers – both personal AND virtual. 

Postings will still be light over the next week or so, but both my hernia(s) and the painful vein in my arm are on the mend, so you should be seeing a few more postings here and there, and within another 2–3 weeks, I should be back to my normal posting schedule AND to the regular weekly edition of The City Update(TM) – SF’s Friendliest Real Estate Newsletter