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A San Francisco Map Like You Haven't Seen Before

SF Typographic Map
I have awesome friends & blog readers.  Stuff I wouldn’t find anywhere else come jumping into my email inbox on a pretty regular basis.  For a while there, I had stopped blogging about San Francisco Real Estate (and all of the other awesomeness here in San Francisco), but now that I’m back to cranking out blog posts, I can start sharing the awesomeness with you once again.
Like today.  I got an email that said “something for you to blog about” with a link.
Curiosity piqued, I opened the link and *VOILA!* Awesomeness!
The link took me to a magic page where it said:

Axis Maps is pleased to announce the release of our mapping / art project Typographic Maps. Created as a labor of love, these unique maps accurately depict the streets and highways, parks, neighborhoods, coastlines, and physical features of the city using nothing but type. Only by manually weaving together thousands upon thousands of carefully placed words does the full picture of the city emerge. Every single piece of type was manually placed, a process that took hundreds of hours to complete for each map. Take a look at our blog for more on how these maps were made.

We offer high quality poster-sized prints for $30, or a variety of other size and media options.

Oh yes, my friends!  An ACTUAL map of San Francisco using NOTHING BUT TYPE!  We’ve seen other cool maps out there, but the details on this one probably take the cake!
If you care, there are also maps of Chicago and Boston, with a few more that are on their way – but we all know that anything related to San Francisco is ALWAYS BETTER! 😉