Get Over Yourself, San Francisco (Except You *ARE* Marvelous, Baby!)

According to KCBS, San Francisco is the vainest City in the United States.  Now, JoMama, a commenter on KCBS’s story so eloquently puts, “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in everyway.”  (JoMama’s statement is so awesome, that I’m going to pretend she really spelled “every way” and not “everyway” – but hey, we NEED a little Wabi-Sabi to REALLY be perfect, right?) 😉
The article goes on to say:

A survey by the online magazine The Daily Beast ranks the city by the Bay as the most vain city in the country, more narcissistic than New York or Los Angeles.

The survey’s criteria compared how much people spend on personal trainers, spas and cosmetic products, and where the populations rank on the obesity scale.

Healthy San Francisco aside, the KCBS and Chronicle Insider believes banning toys in Happy Meals and similar legislation under the rule of two consecutive glamorous mayors, Willie Brown and then Gavin Newsom, only make the city seem that much more self-absorbed.

SFist also picked up the story.  And they didn’t try to dispel the myth of SF’s perfection (and c’mon, we know San Franciscan’s are perfect – even our gas smells like roses!), they did point out that vanity, actually has NOTHING to do with “how much city residents spend on average a month on personal-care products and services such as cosmetics and spa treatments; the percentage of the city’s population not overweight; and the percentage of the population that belongs to gyms.
In fact, vanity has to do with excessive pride in one’s appearance or conceit (ok, have you SEEN the folks at Critical Mass, for instance? conceited?  really? self-righteous, maybe, but conceited?), or something without real significance, value, or importance.  (Um, I don’t see how maintaining a healthy weight to try to keep from having a heart attack is without value or significance.)
In fact, we here in San Francisco, care about things outside of ourselves.  We constantly make the list of the Greenest Cities in the U.S.  We helped to spread the idea of “no kill” animal shelters to the rest of the country and beyond.  We’re charitable.  We have the 18th largest economy IN THE WORLD! And we know how to have a good time! 😉  SF ROCKS!
So really, we’re not vain, we are just confident.  I’d even go so far as to say that we’re cocky! 😉
But just like JoMama said, “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re perfect in everyway!” 😉
Have an amazing weekend you MARVELOUS San Franciscans!  You’re so perfect, there’s no way that you can’t!