The Fog Clings to Lake Merced….

No time for a “real” blog post today!  I’m running around taking care of my clients’ real estate needs! 😉

(And, I’m sorta walking on clouds since I learned that if calculations are correct, it turns out that I am in the top 5.7% of San Francisco Realtors!  WOOHOO! Not a bad accomplishment, if I do dare to toot my own horn!) 😀

But I did have a free moment to snap this photo of the fog clinging to the Western Edge of San Francisco.  I’m not sure what plant is in the right edge of the photo (if you know, I’d LOVE to know about it!) but it filled the air with such an amazingly sweet scent!  The photo was taken at Lake Merced (which happens to be an amazingly beautiful NATURAL lake here in our very own urban City!)

And since I’m already throwing shameless self-plugs into this non-post blog post, if you know anyone that’s looking to buy or sell real estate in San Francisco and would love to work with an SF Realtor that knows her stuff (except for that whole “not being to identify a single plant thing!”), but still maintains a sense of humor, send them my way!  😉