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San Francisco Real Estate's Sexiest Agents

So, if you don’t yet know that the contest for the Sexiest Realtor in the San Francisco Bay Area is on and poppin’ – then you haven’t been keeping up with the blogosphere. 

As usual, this time of year, The Front Steps (one of my personal favorite local blogs) throws on their Sexiest Realtor contest

What is NOT usual, is that this year, yours truly was thrown into the mix when an anonymous little birdie wrote in and nominated me.  The nomination went something like this:

Hey Front Steps,


Oh I got your sexy realtor. Her name is Luba and she’s a Zephyr agent in SF. You didn’t ask people to say why they think their nominee is sexy, but I’m gonna tell ya anyways:


1 Look at her. She’s smoking hot.

2 She’s smart — and brains propel beauty into crazy-sexy-hot territory.

3 She’s got a full-back tattoo which is so way cool. I am attaching the full back piece as a photo since I think it just oozes SF to be a professional but also have a little edge too.


Here’s her blog:




I like your blog. And noearch should know sexy is not so much about looks and mostly about style and attitude — and that intelligence is one the sexiest things on earth.

Now – don’t get me wrong dear readers, I’ve seen the competition, and it’s fierce, but hell, it’s true what they say: it IS an honor just to be nominated!!! 🙂

And if you DO want to vote, either for yours truly, or for any of the other sexy boys and girls in SF Real Estate, head on over to The Front Steps and start clicking!  The first round ends this week and finals are next week!