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San Francisco Real Estate – What Will 2010 Bring?

Well folks, this is the first post of 2010!

We’ve officially made it through the first decade of the millenium.   The first 10 years brought up some pretty intense ups and downs. 

From terrorist attacks, to economic bust and boom cycles, to a new president to housing bubbles and bursting bubbles, the first decade of the millenium wasn’t boring, to say the least.

And real estate, in San Francisco and beyond, has had one hell of a ride. 

San Francisco, unlike most of the country, didn’t see home prices fluctuate through as many highs and lows as the rest of the US.  But we, too, saw some changes. 

Shoot, the MLS in 2001 showed just FOUR single family home sales.  (In case you didn’t read into that statement properly that DOESN”T mean there were just four sales – it means the MLS as we know it was new.  Yes, before the MLS, people were able to buy and sell houses.  In fact, there are days when I think google could do a better job of helping Realtors sell houses than our high priced association – but that’s a different post altogether.)

Point being, we’re in a new year and a new decade, and we’re all wondering where things will end go (and if your reading this blog, you are especially wondering about SF real estate.)  And considering how much things have changed over the last decade, there’s just no way to tell! 

The San Francisco real estate market depends on too many things. 

Is the economy really as stable as the Fed says it is?

Will the tax credit be extended past April, and if not, will it impact home sales? 

Will interest rates stay low or will they continue the upward trend we’ve seen over the last few weeks?


The reality is that there are too many unknowns to guess whether the market rebound we have seen in recent months will continue.  I guess it comes down to individual circumstances.  It might be the right time for you to buy or sell, or it might REALLY be the wrong time to do either.  It all depends on what your needs, goals, lifestyle, job, budget, etc. dictate.

What will 2010 bring????

I don’t know.  I don’t have a crystal ball.

So how do you know what you should do about YOUR real estate goals for 2010? 

Well, you can start by calling a real estate professional.  You know, someone like me. 🙂   

If you have certain real estate related goals for 2010, you can give me a call (415-307-1392) or email me at [email protected] and we can sit down and discuss them and work through them together! 

But whether or not home sales or purchases are part of your plan for the next decade, I wish you and yours the best for the next 10 years. 

May the next decade be the best one yet!  🙂 Here’s to health, good times and prosperity to all of you loyal readers!