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San Francisco Real Estate – Sunshine is Peeking through the Clouds

I’ve said it a few times recently, but now everyone else seems to be saying it too, the real estate storm seems to be clearing and sunshine seems to be peeking through the clouds; the real estate market seems to be picking up and maybe, just maybe, the bottom is in sight (and maybe even in our rearview mirrors.)Rather than rambling on and one about my take on the market, I’ll skip my own version of the good news, and let you read about everyone else’s take on it.

Index Shows an Improvement in Home Prices

Case-Shiller: Home Prices Are Actually Rising

New-home sales surge 9.6% in July

Real Estate Pros See Prices Stabilizing

San Francisco Single Family Home Pending Sales Activity Reaches the Highest Level in More Than A Year!

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke: U.S. on the verge of recovery

Fed Chief Says Worst is Over

Survey: People Moving for Happier Reasons