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San Francisco Real Estate Charts and Stats

To continue with the good news from today’s earlier post and since a pic is worth a thousand words, I thought I’d just throw a couple of charts and stats from the Polaris Group’s report about current San Francisco real estate market trends. 
So here ya go, short, sweet and pretty. 🙂
While the number of resale condominiums in November (as opposed to new construction) is still down 14% over the same time period  in 2007, it is UP 98% over November 2008

SF Real Estate November 2009

Put that together with the fact that 14 new developments sold out in 2009 and several more are close to selling out.  Few new developments are coming on the market in 2010, and the balance between supply and demand is setting the stage for a good balanced SF housing market!

San Francisco New Condo Inventory

SF Condo Stats

So, in a nutshell, while there’s no guarantees, looking at the charts above points to an indication that 2010 is looking pretty positive for SF real estate.  And if the number of new buyers that have contacted me in the last week alone is any sign of what’s to come next year, I’d agree with the charts!