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San Francisco Property Spotlight

SF Realtor Property Spotlight

Welcome back to the “San Francisco Property Spotlight” brought to you by yours truly.  If you ever see a property you want to hear more about – HUSTLE! – it might not be around for long!

This time, it’s a sweet little something in Bernal Heights that caught my eye. 

130 Newman is a sweet property listed with Carol Bee of Herth Real Estate.  Frankly, the photos of this home don’t do it justice (though we all know that overcast skies in SF just can’t be helped) – nor do the photos convey the positive energy this house has (which you just can’t convey with photos).

The house is a 2BR 1BA with a double parlor, a kick-ass kitchen, a large garage, an awesome deck, a bright and sunny yard (assuming the sun comes out in San Francisco) and a hidden secret – a HUGE undeveloped attic!  I can’t help but get excited about attics.  I’m not sure what it is – maybe it’s because attics remind me of giant clubhouses.  (My dad built me my own little clubhouse when I was a little kid, complete with peaked roof, lights, a desk and a door that locked!  Sorry to digress – but I suddenly have a hankering to go into a small space, play “house” and make refrigerator art!) Though of course, the attic is much more than a clubhouse – temporarily, it’s storage, but long term, it’s room for expansion.  It’s listed at $979,000 and with a recent comparable around the corner on Bennington that sold for $1,060,000 (with the 3rd Bedroom in the attic, you can see that the possibilities 130 Newman presents!)  Go and check it out for yourself.  It’s open this Sunday the 24th from 1–3pm. 

I’m off to go make refrigerator art.

As usual, if you have questions about any of the properties I mention in these spotlights, or about the real estate market in general, don’t hesitate to contact me. I love to talk real estate! :-)