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San Francisco Housing Market – Winter Predictions from Zephyr Real Estate

Photo Credit: Robert Campbell Photography / Chamois Moon

San Francisco’s infamous Zephyr Real Estate (which happens to be the awesome company where I hang my Realtor hat) released it’s latest SF real estate newsletter.  And so, I’m sharing it with you!  (I’m pretty generous that way!) 😉
Stay tuned for more articles from the best San Francisco brokerage’s newsletter over the next few days
For now, here the winter update for SF real estate:

As usual, the San Francisco real estate market is doing significantly better than the state numbers, or even the Bay Area region numbers would suggest. Sales have been noticeably improving since March and there is no reason to believe that a slow down over the holiday season is anything more than normal and expected.
The negative factors that do impact us include unemployment issues that are being experienced in the hi-tech industries that are located within commuting range of San Francisco. Consumer confidence numbers also appear to be weak.
There is some very good news to report, however. The number of San Francisco properties under contract is up 48% over what we were seeing at this time last year, and the number of closed properties is up 26% over this time last year!
Between buyer incentive programs, exceptional interest rates and great median home prices, there hasn’t been a better opportunity for buyers in recent memory. Since an improvement in consumer confidence only requires us to be optimistic, let’s expect a great Spring for 2010!