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San Francisco Halloween 2009

Halloween BatSo it’s time for another Halloween.
For me, it’s another year where I didn’t make it to Half Moon Bay for the maze, I don’t have a pumpkin and haven’t bought candy yet for trick-or-treaters.
I did manage to order a costume WEEKS ago, on eBay, which still hasn’t arrived yet.  So I had to spend 4 hours wandering up and down Haight street fighting every other person looking for a last minute costume.  I managed to find SOMETHING to wear, which by San Francisco standards is truly BLAH,  but due to my eBay fail, it’ll have to do.
So then came the hard part?  WHAT TO DO????
I grew up going to the party in the Castro, when the worst thing I ever remember happening was the time I accidentally stepped on a guy’s tail (he was dressed as a beaver) and it ripped off.  (Beaver guy, if you’re reading this, I’m still sorry!!!)
And this year, my choice is pretty simple, a good friend puts on an EPIC haunted house in the Outer Sunset full of props from the Old Wax Museum and Haunted Gold Mine.
But if you don’t like Haunted Houses, or feel like making a trek to the Outer Sunset, there are other things to do in San Francisco even without the Castro Street celebration.
FunCheapSF and Metrowize are two great places to start planning your Halloween shenanigans.  And SF has its OWN site that may provide some other alternatives as well.

Just make sure to be safe, to have fun and to have a designated driver if you’ll be drinking.  🙂  (Or GET A FREE TOW HOME!!!!)
Oh, and P.S. – Zillow came up with the best neighborhoods in San Francisco to go Trick or Treating– but I grew up going to the Sea Cliff to get MY candy – and just have to wonder whether it’s as good these days as it used to be.  (mmmmm…….. sugar……)
According to Zillow, the top 5 Trick or Treating SF ‘hoods are:
Top 5 San Francisco Neighborhoods to Trick-or-Treat
1. Presidio Heights
2. Noe Valley
3. Richmond
4. Haight-Ashbury
5. Sunset