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San Francisco Girl Scouts Attack!!!

I was minding my own business.  I was.  Walking down 24th Street at Castro in Stroller Noe Valley.  By myself.  On my way to an appointment.

And out of NOWHERE!  On the corner, with her mother, is the cutest little Girl Scout I’ve seen!

“Would you like some cookies?” she says.

“They’re BERRY good!” she says, smiling.

I try to resist.  There’s so much good food in SF, why would I get Girl Scout cookies?

I mean, Noe Valley Bakery is right there if I really wanted a sweet treat, right?

Oh, wait!  What’s THAT?  Is that a box of SAMOAS?  You mean they got rid of those horrific Carmel De-Lites and brought back the SAMOAS?

Hmmmm….. I guess I could take one box of those, right?

But oh wait, that Berry Munch box, are those new?

“Um, yes…. they are new.  They’re made with, um, berries!”  She smiles.

Um, ok, I guess I’ll take a box of those too.

Yes, I was attacked by a 6 year old Girl Scout cookie peddler.  Be on the lookout for them at a corner near you.  I’m warning you, you’ll be weak against the power of the SAMOAS!!!!